Stelios Karamanolis | Fast Paced Collectives  30.09.19 – 01.11.19

When looking at Stelios Karamanolis‘ works we find ourselves wandering through deserted valleys, passing by skinny smoke signs, proliferus plants or colourful clouds.  Besides a sink or a chimney one finds very little traces of mankind. Instead of humans, chatty, funny or inquisitive looking creatures populate the artists‘ canvases. Like picture puzzles, their expressions shimmer depending on the position of the observer. Thus, every day objects become magical vibrant creatures.

Painted often with pastel colors Stelios Karamanolis‘ works evoke a dreamy, cloudy atmosphere. If one doesn‘t know whether we are trespassing a post apocalyptic or utopian landscape the mostly friendly looking beasts make sure there is no need to be worried. Maybe there have been human beings before, but they are long gone. Now, what one gets to see might be some leftovers of modern life. Memories of the past like old stones from ancient times.

Stelios Karamanolis‘ rural sceneries recollect illustrations one often encounters in antique art. He combines comical elements, drawing and scripture. His flat, abstract style of painting and the division of the canvases reminds of preliminary studies well known from renaissance painters such as Albrecht Dürer oder Hieronymus Bosch. Instead of blank paper, Stelios Karamanolis uses raw canvases as ground.

Rebecca Hoffmann