Felix Kiessling | Oxytocin


29th January – 15th March 2022


Felix Kiessling is currently befallen by a bellyful of oxytocin. The hormone, known as the ‘love drug’, creates a world in which rules are revised, chasms are dissolved and unity prevails. ‘Oxytocin’ presents an experiential triptych inside and outside the gallery space: Blaue Sonne, Die Flagge and Kleiner Schmetterling.

Blaue Sonne, blue sun, plays with the common optics of what is perceived to be the sun or an eclipse of the sun. Red shades highlight a clear blue to create an object that mystifies and inverts its own proximity and depth.

Die Flagge, the flag, is made out of polyamite metal fibres. Its monumental structure floats and lives in the gallery and has no hierarchical claim. The work’s light reflective quality brings out its scars, exposing the remnants of being stitched together to form a whole.

Kleiner Schmetterling, little butterfly, beams a shining flash to bind the triptych together. It represents the frequency of lightning globally and in real time, extending the inside, out – quietly and without borders. ‘Oxytocin’ is Felix Kiessling’s first solo show in Cyprus and at eins gallery. Felix Kiessling (b. 1980) is a German visual artist who lives and works in Berlin. Kiessling studied visual arts at the Berlin University of the Arts from 2008 to 2014 where he also studied under Ólafur Elíasson at the Institute for Space Experiments.